Grave & Memorial Care

Services for general cleaning and care of memorials in Cornwall

Grave & Memorial Care

We offer services for general cleaning and care of memorials in Cornwall. Services range from cleaning, grass cutting, weeding around graves to repainting of lettering.

Our general grave tending service includes:

Removal of any dead flower/plants, cutting & edging grass, hand cleaning of memorial, light trimming of any bushes/plants that overhang the memorial, supply and placement of fresh flowers in vase, photograph of completed work will be forwarded to you.

~ One off visit to complete the above: £60.00*
~ Twice yearly visit to complete the above: £100.00*
~ Special one off Christmas visit to complete the above works, which includes a Christmas Wreath in place of flowers: £70.00*

*Additional mileage charges apply if more than 25 miles from our office in Redruth.

We are also able to organise the replacement or repair of a memorial anywhere in Cornwall, please call us on 01209 214 883, or email us to discuss your requirements.